Bagatiba is a fine jewelry line specializing in hand crafted pieces using the highest quality materials made in small quantities. 

Collections designed on inspiration rather than seasons since 2012, Bagatiba prides itself on keeping up with each trend, as well as setting them with complimentary iconic pieces. 

Recognized by Reformation as a Verified Partner, marking the lines first wholesale account as Eco-Friendly & Sustainably approved, Shopify has also allocated Bagatiba to the top 1% of traffic on the largest e-commerce platform this decade.

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Basic Swim is a swimwear brand offering a collection of attainable key cuts and colors that are easily mixed and matched. Basic Swim offers minimal timeless wardrobe requirements at an affordable price.

This up and coming brand has socially targeted the unique female demographic with confidence and edge, as well as become a tan line staple.

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Jeu Illimite is a ready-to-wear line inspired by art and culture. A mixture of fundamental and specialty pieces, combined with ideal creative galvanized by French art & architecture. Each product is insured with outstanding construction of the highest quality materials.

Specializing in translucence of product origin alongside production quantity, Jeu Illimite aims for complete honesty to their consumer.

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1201 B Studios is a Los Angeles based multi-use creative centre specializing in art, design and fashion. Carefully curated with photos, furniture and aesthetically pleasing objects to inspire, 1201 features brands such as Jeu Illimite, Bagatiba, Petiue and Basic Swim. 

With 6 years experience in brand building, creative, production and development, Founder Jessie Andrews conceptualized 1201 B Studios in March of 2017. 

Formerly at Acne Studios and A.P.C., studio manager Jessica Ozette heads 1201 operations as well as hospitality, fulfillment, creative and sales.

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DODGE & DONATE is a charity dodgeball tournament driven by artists & creatives based in Los Angeles. With a main objective to bring awareness to a younger demographic on how to give back in an innovative way.

D&D partners with like minded charities & sponsors that aim to make the world a better place.

Brows Dodge & Donate here

Petiue is a Skin & Sun Care line evolving the way SPF is applied & formulated while focusing on comfort & coverage. 

Discovering the world’s first SPF Highlighter™ which naturally enhances and protects your best features by combining the knowledge of makeup and the power of sunscreen. Designed to give you a long lasting makeup-less, made-up look with a total coverage SPF stick that glides on smoothly leaving a delicate trace of shimmer and refreshing scent of peppermint. 

Proudly developed & Made in the USA. 

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