DODGE & DONATE is a dodgeball tournament driven by artists & creatives in Los Angeles supported by local businesses and friends donating all proceeds to the Ben Stiller Foundation. The goal is to bring awareness to a younger demographic to move body, have fun & give back.



Rules & Registration here:

Reminder that all players are responsible for the $20 entry fee which will be donated to the charity.


Court is divided by a center line with 7 balls in play

On the opening rush teams will run for the balls on the right.

Balls must be taken behind the clear line with two feet to become active.

The object is to eliminate all players on the opposing team.


  • A thrown balls strikes an opponent before touching the ground, wall or ceiling.
  • A ball used to block is knocked from your hand by an opponents thrown ball.
  • Your thrown ball is caught by an opponent.
  • You dodge out of bounds or cross the center line.


Players must line up in the order in which they were eliminated.


If one of your teammates catches a ball the first person in the outline may re-enter the game.


All players are safe on a headshot. We encourage you to throw low as it’s more fun to hit people below the waist.


No time to argue, fuss or fight. Remember the honor system (nobody likes a cheater), respect the ref's call and let's have fun. 

We are super excited to have you joining us for this fun and charitable event. Doors open at 7:00 (check-in and warm ups) with first game at 8pmsharp.

Food by Sweet Green
Hydration by Aqua Hydrate
T-shirts by Chinatown Market 
Music by Them Jeans 
Photos by Pizza Slime & Livin Cool

Hosted by Jessie Andrews 

Produced by Sophie Reeves

Play Curation by Pedro Cavaliere

Date: August 21, 2018

Time: 7-10

Location: Bellevue Rec Center

Donate to play: $20 per person

Contact: [email protected]






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